Core Beliefs

Zoism is a religion which is centered around a reverence for life and nature. We emphasize harmony between humans and the natural world.

The purpose of our existence in this universe is to nurture and grow our Zo.

There is no one way to think about the Zo, the afterlife, or even God. While welcomed, belief in one God is not required to be a member of Zoism.

Zoism is a religion of choice, meaning you can choose the path of Zoism simply by sharing our beliefs and following our customs and practices.

We are syncretic and encourage learning about other religions to further explore life’s meaning.

We believe that music, mediation, yoga and other spiritual practices can help us to fully embrace Zo.

Zoism’s authoritative body is – which presides as head of the organization

We believe that all intelligent creatures possess a divine living energy (Zo) which drives our living consciousness and makes us more than our physical chemical constituents.

We believe in the continual construction of a better world through large and small acts of kindness

Zoism has an open, growing canon of doctrine within an authoritative book which grows and changes through natural revelations.

Zoism is a religion of natural revelation. We let our own spiritual experiences reveal the truths of human existence, not books written by other humans who are only seeking power and wealth.

We believe that Zo dwells within all things and all things are divine in nature. All of existence is connected, including life and death, humans and animals, the physical world and the afterlife.

Love One Another

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