Spiritual Science

Spiritual Sciences in Zoism explores the structure and behavior of our Zo (living spirit) through personal experience.  We seek  to experience and understand how different energies, activities and physical entities in the world influence our spirit, our perception of reality and consciousness.  Common areas of study include yoga, meditation, entheogens, music and dance.  The end goal of this experimentation is to  give us greater understanding of our Zo, allow us to become more spiritually entangled with the Divine Universal Zo and ultimately become fully enlightened beings as a part of the Divine Universal Zo.

Spirtual Science

Due to rampant religious persecution, Zoism does not mandate you to participate in specific areas of spiritual sciences.  This must be a personal choice.   In many areas of the world, the religious study of entheogens is illegal since governments wish to restrict religious practices to money/power based religions of Abrahamic origin (Jewish, Christian Muslim, Mormon, etc).  In this way Zoism is still persecuted even where religious freedoms are “guaranteed” by the Constitution

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